FEFallen Empires

Goblin Chirurgeon

Goblin Chirurgeon from Fallen Empires
Goblin Chirurgeon from Fallen Empires

Summon - Goblin   {R} (CMC:1)

{0}: Sacrifice a Goblin to regenerate a target creature.

"I asked one of my aides how they do it, but all he'd say was, ‘Trust me, Mayor, you don't want to know.'" —Lydia Wynforth, Mayor of Trokair

FE • ENPhil Foglio

Legal in: Legacy,Vintage,Freeform,Prismatic,Tribal Wars Legacy,Singleton 100,Commander

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Can sacrifice itself.
Can also regenerate itself. If it sacrifices itself in an attempt to regenerate itself, the ability will be countered for having an illegal target.

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