TIP CARD from Eventide
TIP CARD from Eventide


Rules Tip: Chroma Eventide™ cards with chroma abilities count how many mana symbols of a certain color exist within the mana costs of a specified group of cards—and more is always better! For example, Umbra Stalker says "Chroma — Umbra Stalker's power and toughness are each equal to the number of black mana symbols in the mana costs of cards in your graveyard." Not only does this ability count how many {B} symbols are in the mana costs of cards in your graveyard, but it also gives you full credit for hybrid mana symbols like {W/B} and {2/B} in those mana costs! (The {W/B} symbol is both a white mana symbol and a black mana symbol, so it will be counted by chroma abilities looking for either of those colors.) Chroma abilities check only mana costs, which are found in a card's upper right corner. They don't care about mana symbols that appear in a card's text box. Find the latest rules updates at MagicTheGathering.com.

Chroma EVE • ENAleksi Bricolot

Notes: Rules Tip: Chroma

Not legal in any format.

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Tip cards not available on TCG.