2EBeta Edition

Goblin Balloon Brigade

Goblin Balloon Brigade from Beta Edition
Goblin Balloon Brigade from Beta Edition

Summon - Goblins   {R} (CMC:1)

{R} Goblins gain flying ability until end of turn. Controller may not choose to make Goblins fly after they have been blocked.

"From up here we can drop rocks and arrows and more rocks" "Uh, yeah boss, but how do we get down?"

2E • ENAndi Rusu

Legal in: Modern,Legacy,Vintage,Commander

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You can activate the ability repeatedly during a turn. This generally has no additional effect, unless some other effect (like that from Adarkar Windform has caused it to lose flying since the last time the ability resolved.
For flying to work as an evasion ability, an attacking Goblin Balloon Brigade's ability must be activated before the declare blockers step begins. Once Goblin Balloon Brigade has become blocked, giving it flying won't change that.

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