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Devoted Druid

Devoted Druid from Ultimate Masters
Devoted Druid from Ultimate Masters

Creature — Elf Druid   {1}{G} (CMC:2)

{T}: Add {G}. Put a -1/-1 counter on Devoted Druid: Untap Devoted Druid.

"Mana lurks in all things, even in the depths of one's own heart."

162 UMA • ENKimonas Theodossiou

Notes: TODO: Update Copyright

Legal in: Modern,Lorwyn-Shadowmoor Block,Legacy,Vintage,Freeform,Prismatic,Tribal Wars Legacy,Classic,Singleton 100,Commander

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You put the -1/-1 counter on Devoted Druid as a cost. That means it happens when you activate the ability, not when it resolves. If paying the cost causes the creature to have 0 toughness, it's put into the graveyard before you can untap it and before you can even pay the cost again.

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