UMAUltimate Masters

Fume Spitter

Fume Spitter from Ultimate Masters
Fume Spitter from Ultimate Masters

Creature — Horror   {B} (CMC:1)

Sacrifice Fume Spitter: Put a -1/-1 counter on target creature.

"Our archers made sport of it as it fumbled its way up the slag ridge. As it collapsed we thought ourselves safe, but the foul thing carried more than necrogen." —Adaran, Tangle hunter

095 UMA • ENNils Hamm

Notes: TODO: Update Copyright

Legal in: Modern,Extended,Scars of Mirrodin Block,Legacy,Vintage,Freeform,Prismatic,Tribal Wars Legacy,Classic,Singleton 100,Commander

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You may target Fume Spitter with its own ability. However, if you do, the ability will be countered for having an illegal target.

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