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Stitcher's Apprentice

Stitcher's Apprentice from Ultimate Masters
Stitcher's Apprentice from Ultimate Masters

Creature — Homunculus   {1}{U} (CMC:2)

{1}{U}, {T}: Create a 2/2 blue Homunculus creature token, then sacrifice a creature.

"Oglor create life, Oglor take it away. Oglor god! . . . until Master return."

073 UMA • ENJohann Bodin

Notes: TODO: Update Copyright

Legal in: Modern,Extended,Innistrad Block,Legacy,Vintage,Freeform,Prismatic,Tribal Wars Legacy,Tribal Wars Standard,Classic,Singleton 100,Commander

Oracle Text (click to copy):

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You can't do anything in between the Homunculus token being created and having to sacrifice a creature.
If you control no creatures when the ability resolves, you'll put the Homunculus token onto the battlefield and immediately sacrifice it.

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