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Daybreak Coronet

Daybreak Coronet from Ultimate Masters
Daybreak Coronet from Ultimate Masters

Enchantment — Aura   {W}{W} (CMC:2)

Enchant creature with another Aura attached to it Enchanted creature gets +3/+3 and has first strike, vigilance, and lifelink.

"Let the deception of the gods yield to the pure light of day." —Brimaz, king of Oreskos

014 UMA • ENJohannes Voss

Notes: TODO: Update Copyright

Legal in: Modern,Time Spiral Block,Legacy,Vintage,Freeform,Prismatic,Tribal Wars Legacy,Singleton 100,Commander

Oracle Text (click to copy):

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If all other Auras attached to the enchanted creature stop enchanting it, Daybreak Coronet will be attached to an illegal permanent and will be put into its owner's graveyard.
Because Retether returns all Auras to the battlefield at the same time, it won't let you attach Daybreak Coronet to a creature unless that creature is already enchanted.

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