8ED8th Edition

Viashino Sandstalker

Viashino Sandstalker from 8th Edition
Viashino Sandstalker from 8th Edition

Creature - Viashino   {1}{R}{R} (CMC:3)

Haste (This creature may attack the turn it comes under your control.) At end of turn, return Viashino Sandstalker to its owner's hand. (Return it only if it's in play.)

"Some believe sandstalkers to be illusions; those with scars know better." —Zhalfirin Guide to the Desert

230 8ED • ENAndrew Robinson

Legal in: Modern,Mirage Block,Legacy,Vintage,Freeform,Prismatic,Tribal Wars Legacy,Singleton 100,Commander

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It is returned to its owner's hand at the end of any turn in which it is on the battlefield.

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