A25Masters 25

Thresher Lizard

Thresher Lizard from Masters 25
Thresher Lizard from Masters 25

Creature — Lizard   {2}{R} (CMC:3)

Thresher Lizard gets +1/+2 as long as you have one or fewer cards in hand.

The sound of its plated tail beating on desert rocks is often mistaken for the footfalls of a much larger predator.

153 A25 • ENCraig J Spearing — watermark: Amonkhet

Notes: TODO: Update Copyright

Legal in: Modern,Legacy,Vintage,Commander

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If a creature has been dealt damage, that damage remains marked on it until the cleanup step. If Thresher Lizard has been dealt 2 or 3 damage while you have zero or one card in hand, and later in the turn two cards are in your hand after a spell or ability has finished resolving, Thresher Lizard will be destroyed. Similarly, if that causes it to have 0 toughness, it’s put into its owner’s graveyard.

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