Spurnmage Advocate

Spurnmage Advocate from Judgment
Spurnmage Advocate from Judgment

Creature - Nomad   {W} (CMC:1)

{ocT}: Return two target cards in an opponent's graveyard to his or her hand. Destroy target attacking creature.

"Our unity humbles our foes."

27 JUD • ENRon Spears

Legal in: Odyssey Block,Legacy,Vintage,Freeform,Prismatic,Tribal Wars Legacy,Singleton 100,Commander

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The ability is not countered if both cards are missing from the graveyard on resolution and the creature target is there. This makes it possible to have two Spurnmage Advocates both target the same two cards and end up destroying two creatures.
You can't activate this ability unless a single opponent has at least two cards in their graveyard to target.

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