Giant Albatross

Giant Albatross from Homelands
Giant Albatross from Homelands

Summon - Albatross   {1}{U} (CMC:2)

Flying {1}{U} Bury all creatures that damaged Giant Albatross this turn. The controller of any of those creatures may pay 2 life to prevent that creature from being buried. Effects that prevent or redirect damage cannot be used to counter this loss of life. Use this ability only when Giant Albatross is put into the graveyard from play.

HM • ENDavid A. Cherry

Legal in: Legacy,Vintage,Commander

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The ability works no matter how it goes to the graveyard from the battlefield. It seeks out all creatures that damaged it during the turn and causes them to be destroyed.
The ability works even if the damage is redirected to the Albatross.
The ability is a triggered ability and is only put on the stack once just after this card goes to the graveyard.

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