Chain Stasis

Chain Stasis from Homelands
Chain Stasis from Homelands

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  • FR

Instant   {U} (CMC:1)

Tap or untap target creature. Whenever any player uses Chain Stasis to tap or untap a creature, that creature's controller may pay {2}{U} to use Chain Stasis to tap or untap any target creature.

"Here we go again." —Kakra, Sea Troll

HM • ENPat Morrissey

Legal in: Legacy,Vintage,Commander

Oracle Text (click to copy):

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The decision to tap or untap is made on resolution of the spell (and of each copy).
Paying to make Chain Stasis continue is done as part of the resolution of the spell.
The copy is a spell, so it can be targeted by other spells and abilities that target a spell.
The player putting the copy spell on the stack controls that spell.
The spell copy has all the text and can result in itself being copied.

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