FEFallen Empires

Thelonite Druid

Thelonite Druid from Fallen Empires
Thelonite Druid from Fallen Empires

Summon - Cleric   {2}{G} (CMC:3)

{1}{G}, {ocT}: Sacrifice a creature to turn all your forests into 2/3 creatures until end of turn. The forests still count as lands but may not be tapped for mana if they were brought into play this turn.

"The magic at the heart of all living things can bear awe-inspiring fruit." —Kolevi of Havenwood, Elder Druid

FE • ENMargaret Organ-Kean

Legal in: Legacy,Vintage,Freeform,Prismatic,Tribal Wars Legacy,Singleton 100,Commander

Oracle Text (click to copy):

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The most recent land animating ability takes precedence.
Can sacrifice the Druid to itself.
Only affects Forests that are on the battlefield when the effect resolves.
The land animation ability does not wear off if the land stops being a Forest. It continues until the end of the turn.
A noncreature permanent that turns into a creature can attack, and its {T} abilities can be activated, only if its controller has continuously controlled that permanent since the beginning of his or her most recent turn. It doesn't matter how long the permanent has been a creature.

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