FEFallen Empires

Svyelunite Priest

Svyelunite Priest from Fallen Empires
Svyelunite Priest from Fallen Empires

Summon - Merfolk   {1}{U} (CMC:2)

{U}{U}, {ocT}: Target creature may not be the target of spells or effects until end of turn. Use this ability only during your upkeep.

"Early Vodalians worshipped Svyelun, goddess of the Pearl Moon. Later she became a more abstract figure." —Sarpadian Empires, vol. V

FE • ENRon Spencer

Legal in: Legacy,Vintage,Commander

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Does not cause Auras on the creature to be removed when the ability is activated. An Aura on the battlefield is neither a spell nor an ability.
The effect prevents spells or the effects of permanents from targeting the creature. Auras which confer an ability (such as Lance or Firebreathing) are not prevented.

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