RNARavnica Allegiance

Blood Crypt

Blood Crypt from Ravnica Allegiance
Blood Crypt from Ravnica Allegiance

Land — Swamp Mountain   

({T}: Add {B} or {R}.) As Blood Crypt enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, it enters the battlefield tapped.

Life is a show, and death its final performance. 19—20 January 2019

245 Prerelease RNA ★ ENAdam Paquette — watermark: Rakdos

Legal in: Pioneer,Modern,Legacy,Vintage,Commander

Oracle Text (click to copy):
Has basic land types, but isn't a basic land.  Things that affect basic lands don't affect it.  For example, you can't find it with Civic Wayfinder.
If another effect (such as Loxodon Gatekeeper's ability) tells you to put lands onto the battlefield tapped, it enters the battlefield tapped whether you pay 2 life or not.
If multiple permanents with "as enters the battlefield" effects are entering the battlefield at the same time, process those effects one at a time, then put the permanents onto the battlefield all at once. For example, if you're at 3 life and an effect puts two of these onto the battlefield, you can pay 2 life for only one of them, not both.

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